Aaron and Kristen Kopel
Aaron and Kristen were married on April 24th of 2004, in Indianapolis, IN. They met while attending school at Indiana University, where they were both pursuing a Masters degree. Things got a bit more serious when they went to China for a school field trip. As Aaron's best man, Chad Campbell put it, he was excited because he thought he had a pretty good chance going up against a bunch of guys who were 5'2" and spoke broken english.

Aaron, born in Champaign-Urbana, went on to Wartburg College where he graduated in 1999. In his spare time, he likes to work on his insect collection and also enjoys collecting stamps. (Aaron is currently looking for a Madagascar hissing roach, so if you have one, please let him know.) He enjoys the musical stylings of Michael Bolton and R. Kelly. No, seriously, he does.

Kristen graduated from Indiana University in 1998. One of Kristen's main passions is competitive synchronized swimming, which she has been practicing since the age of five. Unfortunately, Aaron is not a lifeguard. Just like Aaron, she also has an extensive bug collection. (This must be what makes them such a good couple!) As far as music goes, Kristen likes anything with an accordian, particularly polka music. That's something to remember for next Christmas!

Currently, they live in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis. Aaron is working at Conseco and Kristen at Roche.