Richard Kopel
Rick lives in Blue Grass, IA and is moving to Florida soon. Rick can do anything from fixing a rolex watch to repairing a CAT bulldozer.

He has a daughter, Christina, and two sons, Sean and Steve.

Rick: I met Lena online after nearly a year of searching. After nearly 1200 women had contact with me or emailed me, I found Lena. I stopped communication immediately with all others. It is really hard to explain, but I knew she was the one for me, it was a feeling I had never had. I was looking for a woman without children who spoke english very well. Lena met neither of these requirements but I felt there was something very special about her. I was correct, she is very special. After many months of intense communication we decided to meet. I didn't want to visit Uzbekistan. After doing research I learned of the terrorists problems and ruthless government. I had a feeling bad things were going to happen there and told Lena to leave as soon as possible. As it turned out there were big problems there within weeks after we met.

I purchased tickets for myself, Lena and her son Maksim to fly to Kiev, Ukraine. I knew we would be safe there and it is a very safe place compared to Uzbekistan. After living with Lena in Ukraine for a month I got to know her very well. She is a very strong, kind, sweet, loving and exceptional woman. I think she is a one in a billion, with amazing talent and generosity.

Her son Max told me she had a very rare gift for healing people. She is a medical doctor and acupuncturist so I thought this was her gift. She forgot to bring her acupuncture needles with her to help with pain that I have from a deteriorated disk in my lower neck. The day before I was to return home, I was out of pain pills and in much pain. This is when I found out about what her rare gift was. She had me sit in a chair and would not let me see what she was doing. I felt a warm sensation on my neck and when she was done, she showed me what she was doing. She was holding a picture of Jesus with a picture of St. Nicholas taped to the back. The pain has not come back since. I have had problems for years with it and doctors could do nothing except to prescribe pain pills. I had never imagined that this was possible but after experiencing it, I am a believer. I asked her why she didn't do this earlier and she was afraid I would laugh at her. She says that many people think it's silly.

Max told me that many people would come to her and she refused payment or gifts for these treatments and acupuncture. I find this amazing because she was very poor and could use money. She told me long ago that she stopped practicing as a medical doctor because she didn't like pushing drugs when there were alternative methods of healing. That is why she changed careers to AIDS diagnostics and healed people on her own time.

I love Lena very much, she is very special to me. I am totally amazed with her strength and kindness. We both believe that God has brought us together. We will get married when she arrives in America. I hope there are no problems with their visas. They are alone in an unfamiliar country and they miss me very much.

Lena and Max both will make excellent American citizens and are very excited to have the opportunity to come to our great country. Max has attended private schools with a very high GPA and speaks english well. He is a very respectful, intelligent, polite and kind person, like his mother.