Pineapple juice
Coconut milk (preferably Coco Lopez)
Dark Rum
Ice cubes

1 to 1 Coco Lopez (COCONUT milk) & pineapple juce, then maybe just a splash more of Coco Lopez. I think Coco lopez comes in 8 oz cans but I'm not sure, and make sure you shake it up before you open the can! Just plain coconut milk isn't sweet like Coco Lopez, you can find it with the other drink mixers.

Lots of Rum Hill - it tastes good (dark or amber rum tastes much better.I think light rum is nasty. If that's your bag then that's fine, but, I think it tastes kinda like hairspray without the bitterness. Aqua Net is the best, but Vidal Sassoon or Salon Selectives will do in a pinch if that's the route you want to go).

Unfortunately the measurements aren't scientific. Just make it taste good dammit! You can freeze it or not, it just depends on what tweeks your tweeter that day.

These drinks go best with a side of Mofongo! If you have enough, you might even be able to have the Mondongo! They're even good for people who need a bonnet, bottle and booties.

Ryan Hageman